Welcome to Ticket Tomato!

You can use Ticket Tomato simply to purchase tickets online for an event you'd like to go to, or to sell tickets efficiently, quickly and fairly for your own event.

Purchasing Tickets For An Event

If you would like to purchase tickets, click on "My Account Sign-Up" to the left. Fill out the information entering your valid email address. This is important as your tickets will be sent to this email immediately. Choose a password that is at least six characters. Once you have done this you will not need to do it again, and becoming a 'member' only means that you don't have to fill out this information again for future purchases. Now... select your tickets, fill out your credit card to be validated by authorize.net, trusted by over 185,000 merchants, and enjoy the show!

Setting Up Tickets For Your Event

If you are here to setup ticketing for your event, just fill out the form by clicking on "Ticket My Event" on the front of the website. This form has basic questions regarding details concerning your event, and we will contact you to set up online ticketing. This will include customized seating if needed or general admission. General admission is an unreserved area without specific seating.

Non-profit Organizations

How can this website be used to help beneficiaries and their purposes? The answer is simple. By saving them time and money. For organizations who spend their energies helping others by putting on ticketed events and auctions, many people in the community come together cutting their fees to help these organizations so their bottom line is higher. Caterers, sound companies, musicians, lighting companies, event coordinators etc. Ticket companies should not be an exception. Our plan is simple, and explained with two ticket fees. $1.00 a ticket +3.25% for those organizations who are doing good for the community and helping others, and up to $3.00 +3.25% for those for-profit organizations. Simple, easy to understand, and fair.

Selling Ticket For Your Event

Once your venue seating is set up, then customers can then purchase online via credit card and a ticket will be sent immediately sent as a PDF in an email to the purchaser. The purchaser can immediately print their ticket off to attend the event. The ticket has their name, a unique barcode, and a number. As a seller, you can check the status of how many tickets have been sold. It's really that simple!

Thank you for using Ticket Tomato, and we hope that this is a positive ticketing experience for both the seller and purchaser. Good luck with your event!