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Ticket Tomato is your local alternative to oversized national ticket retailers. Whether buying or selling, we're committed to an efficient, fair and excellent ticket experience.

Finding and buying tickets is easy with online purchasing and ticket printing. Selling, promoting and event management is simple with Web-ready event tools. Join us and make your event a success—while keeping more entertainment dollars in Oregon.

Our Mission

  • Offer an excellent online ticket service with fair and reasonable fees and excellent customer service. Use the latest technology to ensure the best up-to-the-second information and accessibility for ticket purchases.
  • Allow customers to support regional non-profit organizations of their choosing while saving money on great local concerts and events.
  • Give promoters, venues, and beneficiaries the ability to save money through fair ticket pricing. Help pass these savings along to customers and positively impact the bottom line for non-profits and similar causes.
  • Strengthen the local community by encouraging connections and networking among customers, venues, promoters and non-profit organizations.

What people are saying...

"Not only does Ticket Tomato provide services you would normally expect from a ticket vendor, but they go above and beyond the call by delivering stellar customer service to our clients, saving us many hours of time and energy in troubleshooting the details or just answering basic questions about our event. There is no better spokesperson for your event or your organization!"

Maryann Brunner
Partner Events Coordinator
Oregon Food Bank

"Ticket Tomato has provided Oregon Food Bank with a great ticketing service for our Waterfront Blues Festival event. Patrick and Amy go above and beyond just the basics by also providing us with personalized service, customizations, and on-site assistance. And as a non-profit, we also appreciate the low-cost service fees. We like working with a Portland-based company that also understands the music business. Thanks, Ticket Tomato!!"

Laura Golino de Lovato
Director of Development, Marketing and Communications
Oregon Food Bank

"Ticket Tomato has provided us with a great, low-cost option for advanced ticketing. Customers are happy with the reasonable user fees, and my staff is happy to not have to coordinate in-house ticket sales."

Jimmy Mak
Owner—Jimmy Mak's
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